Enabling M3 Financial Business Messages (M3 FBM) per country

This section is only applicable if your environment includes M3 Country Versions that use M3 FBMs.

You must import the custom noun data and data flows and verify the content in ION Desk to enable sending and receiving M3-specific financial business messages per country. The content is installed per country.

For certain M3 divisions, you can use FBMs for several countries. For example, you can use the FBMs for Austria for a German division. In this case, the secondary M3 country version must also be licensed.

Note: An M3 Country Version can contain both M3 Financial Business Messages and Infor Localization Services GEMS messages.

See the M3 Country Version for [country] for the full set of supported financial business messages for the country.

See KB 2111332 for details of the release month - the first and last internal validation performed - and the external validation, that is, the validation at the bank or authority by the customer.