Export by date

In the Export data based on date dialog, you can specify which tables to export by date. For the selected tables, only data newer than the selected date will be exported. Additionally, only tables that have the column LMTS are possible to export by date. Tables that are disabled in the list are included in the export, but cannot be exported based on date.
Note: The tables to select for export based on date may vary depending on the scenario. The basic rule is that transaction files are fine to export based on date, while other file types should not be exported based on date even if the files can be selected from the list. Although, there may be exceptions to this rule.
  • Select a date in the From date field.
  • To move all tables of type Transaction File to or from the selected state, use the Select all transaction files check box.
  • Select which tables to export based on the selected date. You can search for tables in the search field above each list.