Filtering tab

The purpose of this tab is to filter received events. A received event must match all criteria to publish a new event. Event filtering and the publishing of new events, including virtual fields, are the main purposes of Event Analytics.

The Filtering tab consists of these groups:

  • Filtering
  • ISCHANGED Filtering

The Filtering group contains the field Criteria. You can specify an expression in this field. This expression must return a boolean value, and must be true to publish a new event. The field is a multi-line text area that is vertically resizable. Click the lower right corner to adjust the height of the text area.

The ISCHANGED Filtering group consists of a list of fields used with the ISCHANGED function. You can use this function for received events with the Update operation. Change at least one of the fields to publish a new event.

You can add ISCHANGED functions to the filtering criteria instead of using the field list.

For example:

STAT >= 20 AND STAT < 90 AND (ISCHANGED (field1) OR ISCHANGED (field2) OR ISCHANGED (field3)).

There can be several changed fields for a received event that must be checked, so this field list is added for convenience.

There is a logical AND operator between the expression in the field Criteria and this field list. There are logical OR operators between the fields in this list.

The fields must first be defined in the Field Metadata field list in the Subscribed Event tab before you can add them to this field list.

For more information about syntax and functions, see Expressions.