Saving to server

You can save a mapping to the server. All saved activity and information are logged on the Mapping Console view.

  1. Open the mapping in Mapper Editor.
  2. Right-click a blank space in Mapper Editor. Select Save to Server.
  3. Select a mapping server location.
  4. Optionally, click Test Connection to check the connectivity to the server.

    If an error occurs, a message is displayed. Check your server connectivity to correct the error. Click OK to proceed.

  5. Click Finish.
    Note: If the save to server action fails, then the database is restored and the mapping is not saved. Take note of the error details and review your mapping or save logs.
  6. If there is a validation error or warning, a confirmation dialog is displayed. Click Yes to continue saving the mapping. Click No to stop the operation. If there are validation errors or warnings, you can right-click the mapping and selectValidate to view the validation errors and warnings.
    The mapping is automatically validated before it is saved.
    Note: To disable automatic validation on save, select Windows > Preferences > Mapper. In the Validation group, clear the Validation On Save option.
  7. If the mapping with the same name and version does not exist in the database, click OK to add the mapping to the database.

    If the mapping already exists in the database, follow these steps:

    Select to overwrite the existing mapping in the database or to update the version of the mapping. Update creates a new version of the mapping in the database.

    1. Click Overwrite.

    2. Click Update Version to update the version of the mapping before saving it to the database.

    In the new window, specify a new version for the mapping. By default, 0.1 is added to the current version. For example, if the current version is 1.1, the proposed new version is 1.2. Change the new version, if necessary, and click OK to create a new version of the mapping in the database.

    The mapping version is updated before it is saved to the database.

    Note: Use Update Version only when you create a new version of the mapping. While developing a mapping, overwrite the existing mapping in the database because there is no need to keep intermediate versions of the mapping.

    When creating a new mapping version, it is a good practice to first update the version of the mapping then overwrite the new mapping version, until the development is complete.

    An additional dialog is displayed if a schema file has been added to or removed from the mapping since the mapping was saved in the Mapper Database the last time. The added and removed files are listed. Click Confirm to update the Mapper Database with the added or removed files. The mapping does not need to be unpublished. You cannot save a standard mapping to the server.