Mapping context menus

Depending on the level of information to display or work on, you can use the Mapper context menus to help you complete mapping tasks.

This table shows the options that you can use in the Mapping Editor context menu:

Menu option Description
Properties Shows the properties
Mapping Console Shows the Mapping Console
Hide or Show Variables and Constants Hides or shows all assigned variables and constants
Hide or Show Unconnected Parameters Hides or shows unconnected function parameters
Expand All

Expands the complete mapping

Note: Collapse all loops, functions, and document nodes one by one to collapse an expanded mapping.
Show In Mapping Explorer

Finds the mapping in the Mapping Explorer view

Select Show In Mapping Explorer to find the current mapping in the Mapping Explorer view.

You can use this menu to find the mapping, for example, when you have several mappings with similar names or several mappings with the same name that are located in different projects.

This table shows the options that you can use in the input and output document's context menu:

Menu options Description
Hide or Show Unconnected Elements Hides or shows unconnected elements and attributes in the document
Expand or Collapse Document

Shows complete input or output tree view:

  1. Select input or output document.

  2. Select an element view option.

    • Select Expand Document to show all connected schema elements in the tree, plus all schema elements that you have expanded while modifying the mapping.

    • Select Collapse Document to show only the top two level elements of the tree.

Set Width (%)

Sets the width of the document areas:

  1. Select input or output document > Set Width.

  2. Optionally, you can select Default.

    The width of both the input and output document areas is set to 20% each, with the remaining 60% for the mapping area. The percentage corresponds to the default value 20 60 20 for the mapping property Mapping.Layout. These settings are stored with the mapping.

Use these rules for the width option:

  • Minimum document width is 15%. Anything less than 15% is not usable.

  • Maximum document width is 50%. Exceeding 50% in one area makes the two other areas too narrow.

  • Minimum width for the mapping area is 20%. Anything less than 20% is not usable.

  • Total width for input document area + mapping area + output document area must always be equal to 100%.

Some widths are dependent on the width setting of other document areas.