Setting the type definitions

Use this procedure to add new or modify the existing type definitions for parameters, variables, and constants.

  1. Select Windows > Preferences.
  2. Expand the view of Mapper and select Type Definitions.
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the Type Definitions table, select New Type to display the type definitions page.
  5. Specify the name and description for the new data type.
  6. Optionally, click Edit to change the value of an existing type definition.
  7. Optionally, click Remove to delete an existing type definition.
  8. Optionally, click Restore Defaults to restore the default type definitions. All type definitions that you have added are deleted.
  9. Click OK to close the Preferences window.
    If a mapping uses a type definition that does not exist, then the type definition is automatically added when the mapping is opened.