Using the Data files tool

You can use the Data files tool to manage files in H5.
  1. From the application menu, select Administration Tools > H5 Administration > Data files tab.
  2. Specify the file type by selecting from the Change file type list. You can use the tool to manage these types of data files:
    • Automation Template
    • Configuration
    • Document Link
    • Favorite
    • H5 Script
    • MForms Script

    You can filter or sort the files by using the Name, Description (if one exists), Change Date, Changed By, or Created By information.

    Note: Infor-owned scripts are read-only, therefore you cannot modify or delete them. Additionally, the prefix M3_H5_ is reserved only for Infor-owned content which means you cannot upload a script with a file name that starts with the similar prefix.
  3. Select files from the list.
  4. Use these buttons to perform specific actions:
    Button Description
    Export Exports selected files.

    If you select a single data file, it will be exported as files with extensions such as .json, .js, .dll, or .xml.

    If you select multiple files, the files will be combined and exported as a .zip package.

    Import Imports a single data file.
    1. Browse the file to import.
    2. Optionally, you can add a description for the file being imported.
    3. Click OK when done.
    Note: A file with a .dll extension is not supported by this function.
    Import Zip Imports a zip package containing multiple files.

    Browse the .zip package to import and click Upload.

    Note: Files with .dll extensions must be placed in a zip first before you import.
    Delete Removes files.
    Description Adds or updates the description of a file.

    The description is not included when exporting a file.