Personalization lookup and priorities

The M3 UI Adapter server uses different modes for loading personalization depending on the settings for the current user. The modes are User, Central, and None:

  • None: No search for personalizations is done. Used when personalizations are disabled globally or for the user.

  • Central: Role and global personalizations are searched. If a role personalization is found, the program will stop looking. Only one role is considered. The central mode uses the first available personalization. Otherwise, it will search for a single global personalization to use.

    Note: Either a single ROLE or a single GLOBAL personalization is used.
  • User: Does the same search as the Central mode, but also searches the user personalization. There can be two hits if the same program has both a user and central personalization.

The result from the personalization search can be zero results, or one or two personalization files, and the content of these are embedded in the response to the client. If the client receives one central and one user personalization, it will merge the two on a panel level. User personalization has priority over central personalization.