Using the Editor area layout

On the Mapping Editor, you can view the input, mapping, and output sections of a document. Allocation for view space is changed in the Mapping.Layout property on the Properties tab. Changing view space allocation is useful for documents, for example, with long element names.

  1. Click the Properties tab.
  2. Double-click Mapping.Layout to modify the spacing.

    Three sets of numeric values represent the editor area split view in percentage:


  3. Specify the values for the mapping editor spaces.

    For example, specify the values 20 60 20 to display 20% for input, 60% for mapping, and 20% for output.

    Note: A more convenient way to set this property is to select Set Width from the Input and Output Document context menu to change the <INPUT_AREA_SIZE> and <OUTPUT_AREA_SIZE> view space.