Broken link error

When the Mapper cannot find the source or target for one or more links in a mapping, it results in broken links.

The details for broken links are displayed on the Broken Links tab of the Mapping Console view. On the Broken links tab, check the original internal ID for the target and source elements and a statement about which of them is missing. Double-click the link to select the remaining element in the editor.

Note: The broken links persist in the mapping until removed. Before you can save mappings to a Mapper database, you must resolve all broken links.

To see a more detailed information on broken or missing links, use the linkstat command on the Console Commands and Output tab of the Mapping Console view.

The linkstat command output details the number of broken links using these categories:

  • Scalar links broken links between variables/constants, function parameters, and input or output document elements.

  • Non-scalar links are broken links between loops, function parameters, and input or output document elements.

  • Control links are broken links controlling loops that are missing a condition. This link error rarely occurs.

The link details use this format:

<SRC_NAME or "Missing!"><SRC_ID> -- <LINK_TYPE> <SRC_NAME or "Missing!"><TGT_ID>

These are the variables used:

  • SRC_NAME is the name of the source mapping element.

  • TGT_NAME is the name of the target mapping element.

    Note: For a missing mapping element, the NAME is "Missing!"
  • SRC_ID is the ID of the source mapping element.

  • LINK_TYPE encodes the link type.

  • TGT_ID is the ID of the target mapping element.

Here is an example:

Element link: foreach_orderregels [ LID2 ] -- LM --> Missing! [ MOD3 ]
Element link: oId [ OID81 ] -- PM --> Missing! [ MOD4 ]
Element link: oFilePath [ OID90 ] -- PM --> Missing! [ MOD5 ]
Element link: oSpecification [ OID92 ] -- PM --> Missing! [ MOD8 ]
Element link: oId [ OID91 ] -- PM --> Missing! [ MOD9 ]
Element link: oDescription [ OID93 ] -- PM --> Missing! [ MOD10 ]
Element link: oPercentage [ OID94 ] -- PM --> Missing! [ MOD11 ]
Element link: oLanguage_Description [ OID83 ] -- PM --> Missing! [ MOD12 ]

This table shows the link types and descriptions used in our example:

Link type Description
ML Input Document Element > Loop
LM Loop > Output Document Element
FL Function > Loop
PL Output Parameter > Loop
MP Document Element > Input Parameter
PM Output Parameter > Document Element
VP Variable > Input Parameter
PV Output Parameter > Variable
KP Constant > Input Parameter
PP Output Parameter > Input Parameter
master_control Control Link
straight Data Link
variable Link to/from variable
constant Link from constant
Note: When a mapping is saved, all broken links are discarded. To keep the linkstat command information for analysis, copy and store the details.