Rule editor panel

The rule editor shows these icons: Save, Refresh, Delete, Duplicate, Validate, Activate/Reactivate, and Deactivate. It also consists of these tabs: General Information, Subscribed Event, Filtering, Published Event, and Fields.

Rule editor panel icons Description
Save Saves the changes made in the rule editor.

When clicked, the Notification is updated stating that the rule is saved successfully.

Refresh Refreshes the rule to reflect the latest updates from the server.
Delete Deletes a rule.
Note: This icon is enabled for an inactive rule and disabled for an active rule.
Duplicate Duplicates the selected rule.
Validate Validates the rule.

When clicked, the Notification is updated with the validation status.

Note: You can validate a rule that is not yet saved.
Activate Runs a valid rule that is currently Inactive.
Reactivate Runs a valid rule that is currently Active.
Note: You can simultaneously reactivate several modified rules under one session by restarting the session instead of reactivating each individual rule.
Deactivate Deactivates an active rule.
Note: The position of the vertical splitter between the session tree and the editor panel is retained from the previous session.