Connecting Exstream to IDM

To connect Exstream to Infor Document Management, an Application Program Interface or API key to ION is required. This key is generated by a system administrator for an Infor Document Management user in Infor OS Portal. The key should be generated for a generic user with the sole purpose of connecting Exstream to IDM.

After the ION API key is generated, the key must be moved to the Exstream server. A suggestion is to add the files to the global resource set, one file per layer or environment. The ION API file will then be exported to the working directory of the application. The location of the file must be specified as a setting in the IDM connector, for example:

ION API key location = ..\data\IDMExstreamAdapter.ionapi
Note: The ION API key provides login rights to generic users, so it must be handled securely.