Exstream project structure

The Exstream Base project is divided into different sub-projects, which are all connected to the main project.

  • InvoiceProject
  • ReportProject
  • EQM - Equipment Quotation Management Project
  • FIC - Financial Controlling
  • FIM - Financial Accounting
  • MAI - Maintenance Management
  • MAN - Manufacturing Execution
  • MNT - Maintenance Order Management
  • MSF - Application Foundation
  • PJM - Project Management
  • PMD - Product Data Management
  • PUR - Procurement
  • RTM - Rental Management
  • SCE - Supply Chain Execution
  • SCM - Supply Chain Management
  • SCP - Supply Chain Planning
  • SLS - Sales Management
  • SRV - Service Management

InvoiceProject and ReportProject aim to merge common documents from multiple business areas.

The Exstream Forms project has one sub-project, RU-Russian market.

For the Exstream global platform, there are physical layers: DEV, TEST, and PROD. These layers allow the user to export files to different environments separately, with the option of having different platform and runtime settings for each physical layer.