Adding Boolean function

Use this procedure to add boolean function in a mapping. Also known as a loop controlling function, UBJ function controls the loop iterations. You can drop this function on a loop. There can only be one boolean function within a loop and it must be the first in the loop's sequence, controlling the loop. The same is valid for If functions.

Note: The methods for UBJ and UVJ functions are almost the same, except that the UBJ function outputs a Boolean value, as well as output parameter values. You define the criteria by writing Java code in the same way.

See Function elements overview.

  1. Double-click a mapping to open it in the Mapper Editor.
  2. From the Core Functions pane, click and drag Boolean in your mapping.

    Drop it in the space inside a loop to add a UBJ function.

    The loop will automatically get the condition "Execute ONCE if function is TRUE". You can see this by the changed loop icon. You can repeat the loop many times by changing the loop's condition to "Execute WHILE function is TRUE".

    Note: When connecting elements, you can drop elements only where it is acceptable.
  3. Add input parameters to receive input data.
  4. Define the processing to be done by the function.
  5. Save the function in the Java Editor and in the Mapping Editor.
    Note: You must save the changes in both Java Editor and Mapping Editor in order to save the changes made in your mapping.