Partner Admin tool information model

The information defined in PA tool is called a partner agreement. IEC use this information to send and receive business messages between you and your partners. The agreements are organized according to type and IEC identifies which message is received, from what sending party, how to process the message, which transport media to use, and what routing method to reach the proper partner.

Use the agreements to send (outbound) messages to, and receive (inbound) message from, one or multiple partners. An agreement must be created for every message that is sent (outbound) and received (inbound). For example, you can have several installations of business servers connected to a single IEC and send one message to several different partners. You can also have more than one installation of IEC on a server.

This diagram shows an overview of Infor Enterprise Collaborator in runtime.

  • In Detect phase, a received message is identified and detected. The detection rules are defined in the PA tool.

  • In Process phase, a message is processed and run. IEC will apply the process steps created in the PA tool to run the agreement.


In IEC versions earlier than 2.0, only XML files are detected by IEC and the conversion of flat file format to XML format is a required process step.

Starting from IEC version 2.0 to the latest, the Flat and XML files are detected and managed in the same way. But, if you will apply a mapping, file transformation to XML is still necessary.