Starting an initial data load from (EVS006)

To perform an initial load of selected M3 data into Show or Sync BODs:

  1. In M3, open 'Initial Load. Open' (EVS006).
  2. In BOD noun, specify the noun of the BOD, for example Location.
  3. Optional: In BOD variant specify the variant of the BOD noun, for example Facility.
  4. In Table, specify the master table name, for example CFACIL to trigger M3BE_Out_SyncLocationFacility or M3BE_Out_ShowLocationFacility.
    See information about master tables for initial load in Master tables for initial load.
  5. Click Create.
  6. On (EVS006/E), specify the BOD description.
  7. Optional: Define the Selection criteria. The fields that you specified in the selection can be used as filters when running the initial load event in 'Initial Load Job. Open' (EVS007).
    Note: We recommend defining the selection to avoid triggering several events.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select the 11-'Run' option and specify these properties:
    Note: DIVI should be included in the selection when running division-specific records.
    • Filter criteria for the selected tables and fields.
    • BOD verb
    • Only for Show BODs: To logical ID.

    For details on how to use 'Initial Load. Open' (EVS006), see "Initial Load" in M3 Application Foundation User Guide located in the M3 Business Engine online documentation.

  10. Click Next to run the initial load events.