Configuring Infor Document Management with M3 CE Core

Infor Document Management and M3 CE Core are integrated by M3 CE Core using Infor Document Management APIs. The integration supports these output media types:

  • Printing and sending the document in PDF format by e-mail.
  • Saving the PDF document in Infor Document Management.

Infor Document Management and M3 CE Core are integrated through these methods:

  • ION API (REST enabled)
  • Context Business Messages
  • BOD nouns

    The CaptureDocument BOD is an outbound BOD that is sent by Document Management when capturing different types of document, for example, scanned documents.

    The ContentDocument BOD is both an outbound BOD and inbound BOD. M3 CE Core creates documents in Document Management by sending a ProcessContentDocument BOD. M3 CE Core receives updates to documents within Document Management by receiving SyncContentDocument BODs.

M3 CE Core delivers its own document models and set of links to the UI applications (if applicable).

Document models and links can be configured for a tenant.