Unpacking the downloaded packages

On your local Windows Exstream server, unpack the downloaded layouts and language files.

  1. Open the place on your server where the downloaded files are stored.
  2. The file content.zip contains zip files for all markets and industries to be installed. Extract the file content.zip first to a temporary location, for example the current folder.
  3. Extract the zip file containing the MVX (Standard M3 Business Engine) layouts to C:\OUT_M3BE_[version], the folder that should contain the M3 BE layouts and languages.

    Continue to extract all remaining zip files to the same location.

    Infor delivers these projects for Exstream v16x:

    • Main projects to create runtime environment for all standard programs and market modifications in M3 Business Engine.

    • All projects, source files for the layouts, test data and example reports to be used for customer modifications.