Using OpenText Exstream for M3 CE Core

OpenText Exstream is a third-party application used to transform M3 Business Engine data into predefined documents or report layouts. Exstream allows many different formats and distribution channels for data including email, mobile, electronic invoice, and printer. Infor has produced an XML StoryTeller Base Project template for Exstream. The Exstream application makes modification and adaptation of the template layouts easier.

OpenText also manages its own cloud. All development and configurations must be done in close cooperation with OpenText environment administrators.
Component Supported version
OpenText Exstream and OpenText Cloud 16.x

These components are delivered:

  • Main projects to create runtime environment
  • All projects, source files for the layouts, test data, and example reports to be used for customer modifications
  • Three separate dcpackage files in the base package for the M3 Business Engine
Note: The dcpackage format is an internal format.
Description Related topics
OpenText Exstream uses both StoryTeller and PageOUT layout templates. For information about the templates, see these topics: These topics are only applicable for OpenText Exstream, not for OpenText Cloud.
OpenText Cloud (OTC) or Exstream Cloud also uses StoryTeller Base Project templates for M3.
One main difference of OpenText Cloud from the former OpenText is that cloud administrators closely monitor the configuration and handling of the layouts for this application.
Note: PageOUT layout is not applicable for OTC.
For information about handling the Exstream Cloud, see Using OpenText Cloud.

The configuration topic includes how to set up the StoryTeller layouts in OTC which is handled differently.