Deleting an unsupported custom BOD

You can completely delete a custom BOD.

  1. Delete the custom session in EAR, for outbound BODs. See Deleting a session.
  2. Delete the custom BOD in BP, for outbound BODs. See Adding custom BODs.
  3. Delete the custom agreement in IEC. Unpublish and remove all mapping versions of the custom BOD.

    Deleting custom agreements is not yet supported. You can unpublish, remove mappings, and deactivate the custom agreements as needed.

  4. Verify that the custom session is deleted in EAR, that the custom BOD is deleted in BP for outbound BODs, and that the custom agreement and all mapping versions for the custom BOD are deleted in the IEC server.
    Completing these steps results in the deletion of all versions of the custom BOD.