Using Functions

When you add functions in the editor pane, a grey widget is displayed. The grey widget indicates where you can create a function.

These are the ways to use the functions in the palette:

  • Click and drag a function in the palette to the editor pane.

    1. Hold-down the mouse button and point where you will create the selected function.
    2. Release the mouse button to create the function.

    After this operation, the Select tool will always be selected in the palette.

  • Click to select a function in the palette.

    1. Move the mouse over the editor pane to create a function.
    2. Click to select a function.

    After you click and select, you can create more functions of the same type without accessing the palette for each new function.

    The function is selected in the palette until you select another function, or tool.

Note: A function, tool, or parameter is selected until you select another function, tool, or parameter.