Displaying the Mapping Console view

Navigate a mapping or display the progress of mapping operations through the Mapping Console view. This view is displayed automatically when you open a mapping feature with progress feedback, for example, when you import mappings from a Mapping Server.

  1. Right-click an area in the Mapping Editor and select Mapping Console.

    The Mapping Console view is displayed as a new tab with sub-tabs. In every sub-tab, except for Console Commands and Output, you can use Search to filter the list.

    This table shows the available tabs and a description on how to use the tab:

    Tab name Description
    Variables and Constants

    The default opening tab for Mapping Console view. Access the tab to maintain variables and constants, and to search for variables and constants in a mapping.

    1. Click Search to filter the variables and constants in the mapping.
    2. Double-click a row to reveal the location of a variable or constant.

    Contains search functionality for the mapping. This tab replaces the tabs Input Document Elements, Functions and Parameters and Output Document Elements in previous versions of Mapper.

    See Searching in a mapping.


    Contains all the links in the mapping. Access this tab to select a link in the editor when working with huge and complex mappings.

    To select a link, double-click a link in the Mapping Editor.

    To delete a link, use the context menu.

    Broken Links

    Access this tab to show the broken links in a mapping.

    A link is not made when listed on the Broken Links tab. Failure to link may be due to a missing source or target element after a document is changed for mapping. The missing source or target element is indicated by a question mark, and the detailed information is displayed in the list. This tab also shows the information about the internal IDs of the missing elements and the cause of the missing elements.

    For advanced users, use the internal ID information to verify the reason for the missing source or target element. Use the internal ID information with a previous version of the mapping file (.map).

    Double-click a link to select the existing source or target in the Mapping Editor.

    The broken links remain in the mapping until you discard them with the Discard option in the context menu.

    Note: Saving a mapping to database fails if there are broken links.
    Validation Shows the result of document or mapping validations. If issues are detected, then a list with detailed descriptions is displayed. Select an issue from the list to display more specific details about the issue.
    Console Commands and Output Access this tab to view mapping operation progress and to access additional commands, if needed.
  2. Save your work.
  3. Optionally, close the Mapping Console view.