Migrate console command

Use migrate console command to convert the on-prem IEC mappings to a format compatible with IEC Cloud. This feature works similarly to a text editor's find and replace function. Migrate console command scans the mapping and replaces on-premises code to improve compatibility with IEC for the Cloud.

Access the Java documentation by specifying the command utildoc in the Business Document Mapper’s Console Commands and Output tab to get the Java documentation for all IEC APIs in your default web browser. This table shows the list of commands, the new equivalents and which commands have no Cloud equivalent.

Note: Some commands have no new format equivalents and is commented out. Executing the migrate console command will replace the old code with the new code.
Old code New code
String envCode = IONToolbox.getSystemEnvironmentCode(myMapping); String envCode = getSystemEnvironmentCode();
String senderLogicalId= IONToolbox.getSenderLogicalID(myMapping); String senderLogicalId= getFromLogicalID();
String senderLogicalId= IONToolbox.getFromLogicalID(myMapping); String senderLogicalId= getFromLogicalID();
String toLogicalId = IONToolbox.getToLogicalID(myMapping); String toLogicalId = getToLogicalID();
String mapVer = IONToolbox.getMappingVersion(myMapping); String mapVer = getMappingVersion();
String beVer = IONToolbox.getBEVersion(myMapping); String beVer = getBEVersion();
IONApplicationArea aa = new IONApplicationArea(myMap); IONApplicationArea aa = new IONApplicationArea(getIONAppAreaManifestMap());
aa.get(); Not allowed
IONApplicationArea aa = new IONApplicationArea(myMap, iCorrelationID); IONApplicationArea aa = new IONApplicationArea(getIONAppAreaManifestMap(), iCorrelationID); setManifestInfo(aa.getIONManifestMap());
DataTranslator dt = new DataTranslator(); Not allowed
DataTranslator dt = new DataTranslator(myMapping, CONO, DIVI, "EDIFACT", "D93A", "ORDERS"); DataTranslator dt = new DataTranslator(getManifestMap(), CONO, DIVI, "EDIFACT", "D93A", "ORDERS");
StringReplacer sr = new StringReplacer(); Not allowed
StringReplacer sr = new StringReplacer(myMapping); StringReplacer sr = new StringReplacer(getManifestMap());
StringReplacer sr = new StringReplacer(myMapping, char direction); StringReplacer sr = new StringReplacer(getManifestMap(), char direction);
MECDataTranslator dt2_local2 = new MECDataTranslator(tenantId); Not allowed
MECDataTranslator dt2_local2 = new MECDataTranslator(myMapping, logicalId, tenantId, accountingEntityId, locationId, "EDIFACT", "D93A", "ORDERS", 'I'); MECDataTranslator dt2_local2 = new MECDataTranslator(getManifestMap(), logicalId, tenantId, accountingEntityId, locationId, "EDIFACT", "D93A", "ORDERS", 'I');
cat.debug(strUUID + " my text"); logDebug("my text");
cat.info(strUUID + " my text"); Not allowed
cat.warn(strUUID + " my text"); logWarn("my text");
cat.error(strUUID + " my text"); logError("my text");
String s = strUUID; String s = getMapUUID();