Using IMS parameters

Messages are sent in IEC through ION in two parts, the first is the payload, which is the XML file and the second are the parameters. IMS parameters are information elements that are used to give instruction to ION on what to do with these messages. Other parameters enables you to specify preferred values.

When you send messages through ION, they have default mandatory IMS parameters. For example, one of these default parameters is the document name. You can edit these IMS parameters in ION Desk > Connection Points or Mappings.

See IMS parameters and manifest items for the list of manifest items that you can use as IMS parameters.

Messages sent to ION through IMS communication are always deflated. The size of the messages is minimized for processing in ION.

Messages received from ION through IMS communication can be either deflated or inflated. Deflated messages are automatically inflated before they are persisted and processed in IEC.