Downloading the data flows for M3 FBMs

To download the data flow:

Note: To perform this task, you must have the M3BE-FndAdmin IFS security role.
  1. In Infor M3, select Administration Tools > Cloud File Transfer Agent Administration.
  2. Click Download Contents.
  3. Select the applicable M3FBM_ION_Integration_to_Country_<Country> check boxes where <Country> is represented by a two-letter abbreviation such as AT, DE, or FR, and click Download.
  4. Extract M3FBM_<Country> and M3FBM_<Country> from M3FBM_ION_Integration_to_Country_<Country>.zip.
  5. Extract the M3FBM_<Country>_<Direction>.xml data flow where the direction is either Inbound or Outbound from M3FBM_<Country> Examples: M3FBM_AT_Outbound or M3FBM_FR_Inbound.