Importing configuration data to the M3 BE database

You can import configuration data from a zip file to the M3 Business Engine (BE) database. Importing configuration data is useful when Infor delivers template data or when exported data must be moved between different M3 BE companies or environments. The M3 BE programs that you must use to export the configuration data depends on the type of configuration data. For example, 'Ad Hoc Report Group. Open' (AHS100) is used to export configuration data for ad hoc reports.

During import, the zip file is read, and specified M3 BE API programs and transactions are used to add the data to the M3 BE database.

To import configuration data, select Administration Tools > Business Engine Configuration Data from the Infor M3 menu in Infor OS Portal. You must be connected to the IFS Security role M3BE-ConfigAdmin or M3BE-ConfigUser to access the link.