Mapping Console commands

The commands in this view are aids in error analysis and are intended for advanced users and tool developers only. This is not intended to be used by regular end-users.

For command details, write help.

Note: Some of these commands still use the old way of communicating directly with the mapper database, and not the current communication directly with the mapper server.
Command Details
clear Clears the console
genadm Lists stats for or purges generator connections
genloc Lists and selects the known mapping generator locations
save Saves a mapping to file using normal or classic format
version Prints the version of the Mapper Editor Feature
xdstat Analyzes and prints stats about an XML schema (tool developer aid)
linkstat Prints supplementary information about broken links
history Prints the history of the Mapper Editor feature
editor Enables or disables visual guides. border_on displays a border around the sequence
dump Dumps the Epoxy model to file (tool developer aid)
utildoc Opens an external browser with Java Documentation of the EC Utility classes

Short for "mapping clean up"

Cleans up a mapping from unused replacement elements and schemas developed from within custom namespaces.

keys Prints a list of the current shortcut keys available in the Mapping Editor
scroll Enables or disables auto scrolling of the output document. Sometimes it is convenient to disable scrolling when you create links where the source and target are vertically far apart
paths Dumps all the paths of a document
settings Prints the editor settings
pmu Exports and imports mapping elements
validations Lists the known validations done by the mapper
jsa Lists the JSA inclusion list in the command console
jsa u Retrieves the latest JSA inclusion list from the default server location and lists them in the command console
migrate Converts on-premise IEC API to compatible IEC Cloud API.