Flat file processing in design time

Flat files are detected and processed in design time. The format of an inbound or outbound flat file message is defined ahead of time. You cannot modify a formatted flat file message.

Here is an overview of processing flat file in design time:

Task Details
1. Analyze the requirements Ensure that you have all required documents for the flat file message and all sample flat files.
2. Create a flat file definition You create a flat file definition based on the flat file message specification. A flat file definition is the basis in transforming a flat file to XML or XML to flat file.
3. Apply Mapping If you need to apply a Mapping on the resulting transformation, you must generate the XML schema for the corresponding XML message from the Flat File Describer tool. Then, create a mapping to use.
4. Create a Mapping You create a mapping and then publish the mapping in Business Document Mapper tool.
5. Publish the flat file definition You publish the flat file definition in the Flat File Repository Manager. Do this to be able to set up the transformation processing step in the Partner Administration tool.
6. Publish the mapping You use the published mapping when you set up the process steps in the Partner Administration Tool. You publish the mapping in the Business Document Mapper tool.
7. Define an agreement The agreement includes rules for detecting and processing flat file messages. You define agreements in the Partner Administration tool.
8. Generate sample data You use sample data as raw data input to create test data. You generate sample data in the Flat File Describer component of the Flat File Definition tool.

Managing a flat file message in design time

Flat file message in design time

Detection rules are not dependent on uploaded flat file definition. Detection rules are set up separately from flat file definition. Flat file definition is used to transform the flat file definition from or to XML.

Note:  The Flat File Definition Tool is now incorporated in the Business Document Mapper tool.