Session editor panel

The session editor shows these icons: Save, Refresh, Delete, Duplicate, Export, Add Rule, Start/Restart, and Stop. It also shows the Name and Description field. Below the Description field are the status and custom indicator. The session status indicator shows whether the session is Started or Stopped.
Note: You cannot find the custom indicator in a standard session. You cannot change the name of an already saved session.
Editor panel icons Description
Save Saves the changes in the session editor
Refresh session Refreshes the session and shows the latest session updates from the server
Delete Deletes a session
Note: This icon is enabled for a session which is not started and is disabled for an already started session.
Duplicate Duplicates a session
Export Exports the session to a rulespack file
Add rule Adds a new rule to a session
Start session Starts a stopped session
Restart session Restarts a session which is already started
Stop session Stops a started session