Certificate error

There could be a problem with the certificate between your local server and the Cloud.

  1. Locate the CloudFileTransferClient node and click the log text file icon to open the Log file.

    In Find, search for an entry similar to this example:

    2015-08-12 15:17:13,442 +0200Z {} ERROR Module com.infor.cft.onpremise.filetransfer.MessagePoller: Failed to start sweeper.

    Client can not be created com.infor.cft.common.util.CFTException: Failed to load keystore content

  2. In the Grid Admin UI, click the link Application CloudFileTransferClient.
  3. Click Configuration and then Edit Properties.
  4. Check the Keystore location.
  5. Verify that the keystore file clientcert_FileTransferClient.ks is found in this location.

    If the file cannot be found, you must request a new certificate from Infor Support.

    If the file is found, continue to check the password according to the next procedure.