Configuring settings for inbound warehouse management BODs

These settings are only valid for the corresponding BODs:

  • M3_InventoryAdjustment_Process_In
  • M3_InventoryAdjustment_Sync_In
  • M3_InventoryHold_Sync_In
  • M3_ReceiveDelivery_Process_In
  • M3_ReceiveDelivery_Sync_In
  • M3_ServiceConsumption_Sync_In
  • M3_Shipment_Process_In
  • M3_Shipment_Sync_In

Complete these steps to receive and process these partner agreements:

  1. In 'M3 Stock Msg Partner. Open' (MMS865), create a message partner specifying this information:
    Leave blank.
    Specify I.
    Specify the application ID of the system that sends the BOD, for example, WM.
    Msg type
    Specify BOD.
  2. Select Options > Create.
  3. On (MMS865/E), specify a valid M3 user in the parameter 300 Partner manager.
  4. Select Administration Tools > Enterprise Collaborator Administration. On the Server tab, select Agreement Control Properties and locate the specific M3_Noun_Verb_In BODs.
  5. Verify that the M3beWarehouseInterfaceProcessFlag control property has one of these values:
    Value Description
    *AUT Message is processed in an asynchronous mode through a batch job.

    This setting is recommended for high volume environments. Users can find, correct and re-run failed messages in MHS850 and can also use the mailbox functionality in M3 Business Engine to be notified when a message fails.

    Note: Error messages are not returned by the API.
    *EXE Message is processed interactively in M3 Business Engine.
    Note: Control properties enable messages to be processed online or through batch jobs. Leaving the control properties value in M3 Business Engine empty means that the user must manually run the messages through the 21 option in (MHS850)/(MMS850).
  6. Click Save.