Adding a project to Exstream installation

  1. Open and unpack the zip file
  2. Start OpenText Communications Builder.
    1. Click File > Unpack Project.
    2. Select the unpacked file M3_BE_16.0.0_XML_StoryTeller_Base_Project_Template_vxx.dc package. At prompt, click OK.
  3. If you did not open the project after extraction, open the InforM3MainProject.dcproject file from the Main Project folder.
  4. In Communications Builder, select Platform. Modify the input and output connectors according to your requirements.
  5. Save the project and select create release. Select the tenant where the project should be deployed. Log in using your credentials.
  6. Finalize the release and specify the required information.
  7. Open Control Center and create a new application.

    For example, the name of the new application is M3XML_DEV. The suffix refers to the physical layer deployed to the application. You must have at least one application for each physical layer used.

    For detailed instructions on how to create a new application, visit for the Exstream user documentation.

  8. You must enable the Java configuration on the application because of the IDM output connector.
    1. Right-click the application in Control Center.
    2. Select Java configuration.
    3. Click Value under Java vendor. From the list, select Oracle or IBM.
  9. Right-click the application and select Deploy Export File.
  10. Deploy the release from CAS according to the OpenText Exstream documentation.
  11. To test the application, run a printout from M3 or manually process an XML file in Exstream.
  12. Optionally, repeat the steps for the Forms project.