Platform - Input/output connectors

In all projects, a number of input and output connectors are delivered. Some of these connectors must be configured in order to work, depending on the need. Configuration is done on the platform.

The files are delivered to Exstream using HTTP-communication, therefore all projects have HTTP input connectors. The other input connectors are currently not used in the cloud environment.

These settings are required for the HTTP connectors for all layers. The details should be supplied by Open Text Cloud Administrators:
  • Connector settings = Port
  • HTTP access = URI
  • HTTP Realms = check the Realm; URI and Password File (see below) for the layer.

Resources - Password Files: Ensure that the Password Files have correct settings for all layers.

These standard output connectors are delivered and may differ depending on the project:
  • MAIL output

    For this connector, the TCPIP profile MailServer profile must be modified with your mail server settings. The profile is located in the Global resource set.

  • FILE output

    No configuration required unless used for a special functionality.

  • PCL output

    No configuration required unless used for a special functionality. Although, you have to update the printer information in M3. In M3, you have to add the printer address in the Prt srv address field in (CRS290).

  • MATRIX output

    This connector has the same setup as PCL but the user also must add MATRIX in the Modification field in (CRS290).

  • IDM output

    This connector requires a path to an ION API key. This key can only be generated by a system administrator for a generic user. The key must be placed on the same server as the Exstream application.

Note: You may be required to configure the output connectors to deliver the output to Local Delivery.

See Local Delivery.