Business Document Mapper user tasks

This chapter provides an overview of the functions, usage, and management of the Business Document Mapper (Mapper) client tool.

This tool is a component within the Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC) product.

These topics are for Mapper client tool business consultants, application engineers, and Java developers who create mappings for transformation of XML documents on the runtime server.

To use Mapper, you must be knowledgeable and experienced in these areas:

  • Mapping and its prerequisites

  • Programming concepts such as functions and input/output parameters, loops, and execution flow control

  • XML concepts such as elements, attributes, namespaces, and schemas

  • Java programming

  • Eclipse IDE Framework

You can use this as a primary reference on how to create mappings for transformation to XML documents on the runtime server. These transformations are available through the IEC Server.

To access Business Document Mapper, download the installer from Enterprise Collaborator administration and install in your local machine. Follow the steps in Business Document Mapper tool for installation.