Infor Enterprise Collaborator administration tasks

Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC) is an M3 software component that you can use to create, send, and receive electronic documents in XML and flat file formats. In M3, you can send or receive many documents such as invoices, orders, picking lists, bank payments, and others. IEC is the M3 component that is used to build, send, and receive these documents in electronic format.

Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC) Server is the engine used at runtime when processing messages. If a message fails, access the Enterprise Collaborator Administration page to investigate the problem, review received files, and examine logs and routing configurations.

As an administrator, you must monitor the IEC Server and perform administration tasks on Enterprise Collaborator Administration pages to address any business challenge. You are primarily responsible to maintain server system stability, perform system troubleshooting, and provide user access to the server.

Infor Enterprise Collaborator provides message-based collaboration between functions in the Infor M3 enterprise management system and other external applications, in order to enable business process collaboration within and across enterprises.

To access Enterprise Collaborator Administration, select Administration Tools > Enterprise Collaborator Administration from the Infor M3 Menu in Infor OS Portal.

This table shows the IFS Security roles required for accessing Infor Enterprise Collaborator:

IFS role Definition
M3EC-Administrator The M3EC-Administrator IFS role grants administrator privileges in Infor Enterprise Collaborator.
M3EC-User This user role is limited. Users with this role can only access the About and Mapper Delivery pages.