Inbound BODs

This table shows the incoming BODs that M3 can accept.

See Infor M3 inbound BOD mapping and descriptions for detailed information on the area in which the processed inbound data is displayed.

Verb Noun/variant
Acknowledge AdvanceShipNotice
Load AdvanceShipNotice
Process AdvanceShipNotice
Sync AdvanceShipNotice
Process AssetMaster
Load BankStatement
Acknowledge BillOfMaterials
Process BillOfMaterials
Sync BillOfMaterials
Process BillToPartyMaster
Process CarrierRoute
Process CodeDefinition for Business Sectors
Sync CodeDefinition for Capabilities
Process CodeDefinition for Customs Statistics Number
Process CodeDefinition for Feature Options
Process CodeDefinition for Item Free Field 1
Process CodeDefinition for Item Free Field 3
Process CodeDefinition for Item Free Field 4
Process CodeDefinition for Item Free Field 5
Process CodeDefinition for Item Groups
Process CodeDefinition for Product Groups
Sync CodeDefinition for Roles
Process CodeDefinition for Seasons
Process CodeDefinition for Stock Locations
Process CodeDefinition for UnitCodes
Process CodeDefinition for Unit Groups
Process ContactMaster
Process Contract for PO Agreement
Process CurrencyExchangeRateMaster
Process CustomerPartyMaster
Process EmployeeWorkTime
Sync ExpenseReport
Process FinancialPartyMaster
Process InspectionOrder for Work Order
Process InventoryAdjustment
Sync InventoryAdjustment
Process InventoryCount
Sync InventoryCount
Sync InventoryHold
Process ItemMaster
Process Location for Facility
Process Location for Warehouse
Load M3EDIAdvanceShipNotice
Load M3EDICustomerReturn
Load M3EDIInventoryAdjustment
Load M3EDIPurchaseOrder
Load M3EDIReceiveDelivery
Load M3EDIRemittanceAdvice
Load M3EDISalesOrder
Load M3EDIShipment
Load M3EDIShipmentSchedule
Load M3EDISupplierInvoice
Process M3ReferenceTransaction
Process PayFromPartyMaster
Process Person
Sync Personnel
Process ProductionOrder
Acknowledge PulseAlert
Acknowledge PulseNotification
Acknowledge PulseTask
Process PurchaseOrder
Process QualitySpecification
Process QualityTestMaster
Process Quote
Process ReceiveDelivery
Sync ReceiveDelivery
Process RemitToPartyMaster
Process Requisition
Process SalesOrder
Sync SecurityUserMaster
Sync ServiceConsumption
Process ServiceOrder
Process ServiceOrder for Work Order
Acknowledge Shipment
Process Shipment
Sync Shipment
Process ShipToPartyMaster
Sync SourceSystemGLMovement for Budget
Load SupplierInvoice
Process SupplierInvoice
Process Transfer
Acknowledge Workflow