Session tree

The session tree is composed of several icons that is used for managing sessions:

Session tree icons Description
Refresh session tree Refreshes the session tree and returns the sessions to its default
Export sessions Exports custom sessions to a rulespack file
Import sessions Imports custom sessions from a rulespack file
Add session Adds a new session in the tree
Session filter Filters the session tree and the rules under it
Started filter
  • Enabled (green)

    Shows the started sessions

  • Disabled (grey)

    Hides the started sessions

Stopped filter
  • Enabled (red)

    Shows the stopped sessions

  • Disabled (grey)

    Hides the stopped sessions

Filter field Filters the tree by session name or rule name. If the specified search word matches a session name, only the session is displayed. Select the session to view its rules.

If the specified search word matches a rule name, the rule and the session name it belongs to is displayed.