Certificate expired

The certificate is renewed automatically and if the process fails, you can get a new certificate by downloading a new Client installation package.

  1. Download a new CFT Client Package from the Cloud File Transfer Agent Administration - Download Client page.
    See "Downloading the M3 Cloud File Transfer Client Package" in the Infor M3 Cloud Configuration Guide.
  2. Extract the files in the cftinstaller.zip.
    The ctfinstaller.zip contains these files:
    • ctfinstaller.jar
    • clientcert_FileTransferClient.ks
    • FileTransferClient.properties
    • gridinstaller.jar
    • FileTransferClient.gar
  3. Go to the keystore folder, usually located at C:\Infor\<grid installation>\grid\applications\CloudFileTransferClient\appdata\keystore
  4. Rename the clientcert_FileTransferClient.ks to client clientcert_FileTransferClient_old.ks.
  5. Copy the extracted clientcert_FileTransferClient.ks to the keystore folder.
  6. Open the FileTransferClient.properties file and copy the keystore.password value.
  7. Open properties for CloudFileTransferClient and select Keystore Password.
  8. Click Edit and insert the new password.
  9. Click Save.