Adding links

  1. Double-click a mapping to open it in the Mapper Editor.
  2. Click and drag a source document element to connect to the target function element.
  3. Save the mapping.
    Note: The editor is context-sensitive to connections and will only allow you to create meaningful connections.

    Follow these limitations:

    • Crossing links to the output document is not allowed.

      Crossing output links will generate erroneous output documents. Crossing links from the input document is allowed.

    • Create Control Links from a repeating document element to a loop function, and the other way around.

      This means that the occurrence of a repeating document element controls the number of times the loop will iterate.

    • Create Control Links from a loop to a repeating output document element.

      This means that the number of times the loop iterates controls the occurrence of the repeating element.

    • Create Data Links from document elements to input/output parameters of UVJ, UBJ, and Repository functions or vice versa.