Event Hub administration tasks

Event Hub 4 and Event Analytics is an M3 system that is used to monitor events for related M3 applications. This version is improved for better performance, stability, and security.

The administrator UI for Event Hub is updated, with a minor functional change for time correlation in Event Analytics. Event Hub and Event Analytics are managed by Tenant Administrators and are not used by regular M3 CE users. Event Hub is used for outbound M3 CE BODs such as EDI BODs, outbound M3 CE FBMs, and Functional Search. Event Analytics is used for filtering of events for outbound M3 CE BODs and FBMs. This guide explains the new technology and latest features.

Event Hub version 4 uses the Apache Kafka® engine instead of JBoss HornetQ which is used in Event Hub 3. Event Analytics version 4 uses Apache Kafka® Streams engine instead of JBoss Drools which is used in Event Analytics 3. Apache Kafka® persists events on disk in directories called partitions. Partitions are grouped by a name which is called a topic. For Event Hub, the tenant ID plus one or more subscriptions (without the operations) are mapped to topics.

You can specify which partition within a topic stores the event using the "keyValue" element. The element keyValue contains the primary key for the event. The element keyValue is set for all database events published by M3. You can also set it using rules in Event Analytics.

Events are only ordered within their partitions. If you create item A and then update item A two times, these three events are always delivered to subscribers in the correct order. This is because they all have the same keyValue. If you update item B before item A is updated, the event for the item B update may be delivered in a different order because it has another keyValue. You can store the event in another partition.

Each event is identified by an offset. The offset is an index of the event within its partition. Offsets for the latest consumed event within each partition are stored per subscriber. Several subscribers can consume events from the same partition.

All events persist during the retention period. You can browse events within the retention period, by selecting one or more subscriptions and specifying a start time. You cannot purge events in Kafka® but you can skip unconsumed events by setting a new start time for events to consume.

To access Event Hub, select Administration Tools > Event Hub from the Infor M3 Menu in Infor OS Portal. The EVENTHUB-Administrator IFS Security role is required to access the Event Hub page.