Deleting mappings

The standard way of removing a mapping from a Mapper Database is to remove it from the server. A command is sent to the Mapping Server, which in turn removes the mapping from the Mapper Database.

  • Input and output XML schemas are saved in the database. If two or more mappings use the same XML schema, the XML schema is only stored once in the database.

    To remove an XML schema from the database, you must delete all mappings that are using the XML schema. When the last mapping that uses an XML schema is deleted from the database, the XML schema is also deleted from the database.

  • Delete from workspace removes the complete mapping folder and not only the mapping file.

    You can reverse this action by using the Eclipse standard feature Restore from Local History on the Navigator tab.

  • Remove from server has no reverse function.

    Before you remove a mapping, you must verify the name and version number of the mapping to remove. While you still have the mapping in your workspace, note that the mapping in the Mapper Database could differ from the mapping in your workspace.

    Before you can remove a mapping from the server, you must unpublish the mapping.

  • You cannot remove a standard mapping from the server.