BOD Processor administration tasks

The BOD outbound data flow is based on events that represent predefined data. The Event Hub is the central place where all events are directed to its subscribers. Events from M3 Foundation can be based on program or table operators while M3 BODs are based on table changes.

To trigger events from a specific database table, a rule in Event Analytics must be created. When a rule is activated and the rule session is started, the events that Event Analytics subscribe to are published by M3 Foundation.

M3 BODs has its own set of standard rules in Event Analytics. These standard rules are predefined to recognize changes for specific tables, fields, or values in M3 Business Engine. Event Analytics validates events for BOD and are published as M3BEBOD events, while events that are invalid are deleted.

The purpose of the BOD Processor administration is to configure which companies and divisions in M3 should publish BODs.

The valid companies, divisions, facilities, and warehouses are retrieved from M3 through these standard MI transactions:
  • MNS095MI.Lst
  • MNS100MI.LstDivisions
  • CRS008MI.ListFacility
  • MMS005MI.LstWarehouses

The BOD Processor subscribes to events from Event Analytics, and enhances and publishes them through Event Hub to IEC.

To access BOD processor, select Administration Tools > BOD Processor Administration from the Infor M3 Menu in Infor OS Portal. The IFS Security role M3EC-Administrator is required to access the BOD Processor Administration page.