Creating a Reorder process

The Reorder process is used to order messages in IEC based on a sequence number found in the message payload.
Note: There must be only one Reorder process in an agreement. The Reorder process is always at the top in the Processes list.
  1. Click the Processes tab.
  2. Click + and select Reorder.
  3. Specify this information:
    Reorder Queue
    Specify a name for the reorder queue. You can specify a maximum of 256 characters.
    Namespace URI and Prefix
    Optionally, click + in the Namespaces section to add valid namespace URIs and their prefixes.
    Click + in the Document ID section to add document IDs. You can also arrange the order of the document IDs by clicking Move Up and Move Down.
    Sequence Number XPath
    Optionally, specify a valid XPath for the sequence number of the document ID. You can specify a maximum of 256 characters.
  4. Click Add.