Creating a mapping

Before you can create a mapping, you must have a project to contain mappings. Additionally, you must read and understand the requirements for using complex schemas in a mapping.

Schemas can be complex and you can use complex schemas to import or include other schemas. If you use complex schemas in your mapping, the mapping must meet these requirements for the Mapper to correctly import all the relevant schemas into the Mapping project:

  • All referenced schemas must be present on disk. References to non-local schemas are not valid, for example, http://some/url/somewhere/aschema.xsd.

  • All references must be relative to the folder with the root schema.

    For example, if root schema A.xsd, import schema B.xsd, and C.xsd are located in sub-folders FB and FC to the folder A, the reference paths must be /FB/B.xsd and /FC/C.xsd respectively.

    Relative paths against the root schema location are also valid, for example, if schemas A, B, and C are located in this structure, then you can use B to import C as ../C.xsd




Follow these guidelines:

  • If the schemas do not meet these criteria, you must modify the schemas before you use the schemas.

  • The mapping name must be a valid Java class name.