Processing failed messages

You can manually take action on failed messages to review or resend them.

Note: Messages that have been successfully sent and verified by IEC are kept for 30 days. Messages that have failed are kept by IEC for 60 days, before the messages are discarded. Use this time frame to review the messages.
  1. Access the Enterprise Collaborator Administration page.
  2. Click the Messages link.
  3. Click the Retry/Redetect link. The view shows a table list of all failed messages except for the messages in Received failed and Messages Rejected states.
  4. In the State field, select a filter option from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Filter.
  6. Perform these messaging tasks from this page:
    • Process all messages in the current view:
      • Click Redetect All to reprocess the failed messages from the start.
      • Click Retry All to reprocess failed messages from when it stopped.
      • Click Verify All to reprocess and tag the messages as finished. No further action is performed.
    • Process selected message in the table list:
      • Click Redetect to reprocess the failed messages from the start.
      • Click Retry to reprocess the failed messages.
    Note: Retried and redetected messages are not displayed in the table list. The table list is updated to include messages with new status.
  7. Click OK.