Configuring outgoing event notification

By default, M3 Mobility Core populates the outgoing event notification settings with default values.

  1. Using Tenant Toolbox, select System configuration > Outgoing event configuration.
  2. Select a company number.
    Note: Selecting multiple companies is not yet supported.
  3. Click Load settings.
  4. These fields are pre-filled with default values from Grid. All fields are disabled except for Number of days before deleting:
    Mail server
    This field shows the default mail server URL.
    Mail port
    This field shows the default mail port.
    Mail sender
    This field shows the default mail sender. Default value for this field is
    Number of days before deleting
    Specify the number of days the logs are stored before logs are deleted. Default value for this field is 7.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Show log to list all email transactions made by Follow in CLM Web.

    The Notification mail log table displays the Transaction Date in UTC format, Data entity, Operation, Status, Retries, Receiver, and Error message. The list is arranged according to the most recent transaction date in UTC time zone.

    The table has these available filtering options:Transaction Date, Data entity, Operation, and Status.

  7. Click Clear to refresh the log table.

    You can click Show error message for pending or failed transactions. Show error message displays the error details of the transaction.