Setting up hub event viewer

  1. Using the Tenant Toolbox, select System configuration > Hub event viewer.
  2. From the Summary table, click Company Number and select the company.
  3. Click Show Summary to display the total count of events in the HubEvent table. The total count of events is grouped by Document, Operation, and Status.
  4. Click Show Details to list all the events from HubEvent that matches the filters set. Details show the Arrived Date, Document, Operation, Status, and Message. The list is arranged according to the most recent Arrived Date in UTC time zone.
    These are the available filter options:
    Event detail Description
    Arrived Date Select a date from the date picker.
    Document Specify a document name.

    Document accepts multiple filter values separated by comma.

    Operation These are the available Operation values:
    • C - Create
    • U - Update
    • D - Delete
    • S - Start
    • X - Exit
    • F - Fail
    • Q - Request
    • R - Response

    Operation accepts multiple filter values separated by comma.

    Status Specify the status of the event.
    These are the available status for events:
    • Created
    • Failed
    • Resend

    Status accepts multiple filter values separated by comma.

  5. Click Show Event to display the EventData associated with a selected event from the Details section.