Creating a sales budget

  1. Select Customer Lifecycle Management > Budget.
  2. On the Budget page, select a User, a Sales Team, or an Account.
  3. From the list of Users, Sales Team, or Accounts, select a record.
  4. Click New Sales Budget.
  5. Specify this information:
    Click the ellipsis button for the Product field. In the Browse Products window, search for a product and click Select.

    The contents of the Product list comes from M3 BE. If your setup is not interfaced with M3 BE, this field is optional.

    Specify the budget value.
    Budget Contribution
    Specify the contribution value.
    Specify the quantity value.
  6. Specify the period type and duration.
    Budget values are distributed based on the period type and duration.
  7. If required, specify the fields in the Extra section.
  8. Click Create.