Creating an Excel template

When creating Excel templates, use Microsoft Excel in Windows operating system.

  1. Open a blank workbook from Microsoft Excel.

    Verify that the Developer menu tab is enabled. If the tab is disabled, see how to enable the Developer menu tab in Microsoft Excel website.

  2. In the XML section, click Source.
  3. In the XML Source panel, click XML Maps.
  4. In the XML Maps window, click Add.
  5. Select the file you want to import and click Open.
  6. Select the XML file you imported and click OK. The XML source panel shows the XML file.
  7. Select the desired cell or location you want to map.
  8. In the XML Source panel, double-click <value>. Or you can also right-click <value> and select Map Element. You can also drag <value> to the cell where you want the values to be displayed.
    From the Header Options of the mapped value, select where you want the XML headers to be displayed. You can place the XML headers at the top or at the left of the column.
  9. Save the file in .xlsx format.