Creating a Word template

When creating Word templates, use Microsoft Word in Windows operating system.

  1. Create a new Word document template.

    Verify that the Developer menu tab is enabled. If the Developer menu tab is not enabled, visit the product’s website for instructions about how to enable the Developer menu tab.

  2. Provide the required text.
  3. On the Developer tab, click XML Mapping Pane.
  4. On the XML Mapping pane, click Custom XML Part and select (Add new part...) from the list.
  5. Browse to the previously-generated XML file and click Open. A new entry is added on the Custom XML Part list.
  6. Select the newly-added entry from the Custom XML Part list. Document Data is displayed.
  7. Select the entity field to add.
  8. Right-click Insert Content Control and select Plain Text. A field is added on the Word document.
  9. Save the file in .docx format.